Inspired by the world around me, I set out to capture moments in time, that I hope can find another's soul, the way it has captured mine!

Welcome to the world of Karol Livote Photography and Creative Images.


There you are walking down the street and suddenly an image in a store window stops you in your tracks, you have to immediately take a closer look.  That is basically my work and my passion.  When I capture a moment, it is a moment that caused me to stop and click away on my camera.  Seizing that moment forever. 


My work started out in Nature and Local Photography, which is still my main focus.  However, I have various subject matters which are captured as I have found them.  The scene is a true one.  There is no setting up a scene or making people pose.  Available lighting is used to keep it as natural as possible.  The truth has always been an important character trait of mine and it shows in my work.


Whatever the subject matter, there is always the opportunity for variations of the work.  Examples of this are:  abstracts, minimalism, impressionism, and so on. 


A specific scene can have a traditional look to it and by perhaps zooming the capture can bring about a totally different look as an abstract.  This is one reason, I have such a vast library of different subjects.


With today’s digital world, there are some images that are enhanced or have added textures, but for most of all, I prefer the old way of capturing what I actually witnessed.  There is an emotional feeling to eyes of the White-Tail Deer that you will lose when adding a texture.  Those eyes spoke to me and I want you to be able to hear it when viewing my image.


There is always a story behind the photograph, so please make yourself at home and enjoy your visit thru my lens.  


Thanks for visiting!      -Karol



The Eyes of a Deer



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