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My story is quite simple. I was about ten years old when my sister gave me my first camera. I took right to photography. In my high school days, I was hardly seen without a camera in my hand. I participated in Photography classes and had my own darkroom at my home. Over the years, I have kept up with my photography and I continue to promote my images thru publications and sales. 


What inspires me?  I am usually asking myself that very same question.   At times, I wish that I could stay with just one subject matter, but that is never the case.    I am the type of person who never has a favorite anything.  I prefer lots of things!  A variation of many things to experience, is what life is all about.  I do not go thru life with blinders on, at least I hope I don’t.  I believe that it shows in my work. 


Even though I do love my nature, whole heartedly, I also enjoy capturing action sports, such as hockey.  I also enjoy urban life and the fast pace it has.  The funny thing is I will go into the city, such as Manhattan one day and then take it easy on the countryside of Connecticut, my home state, on the next day. 


Growing up on Long Island, has provided me with a love of the coast and that has a lot to do with my love of Connecticut.  Here in the “Nutmeg State”,  you have the best of all worlds.  There are beautiful mountains to the north and the coast to the south.  In between you have a couple of cities, and about an hour ride to the “Big Apple”.    There is so much to see here and so much to capture. 


The seasons are always changing which makes for some beautiful seasonal captures.  When Spring comes around it feels like the world is waking up from a cold slumber.  With the new colors forming all around and the return of many animal and bird species, it is hard not to get excited and run out everyday with the camera in hand. 


Summers are always hopping, especially down on the coast.  There are boats, boats and more boats.  The fun in the sun is as good as it gets here in New England. 


As the summer starts to wind down, the colors start to change and in rolls the beautiful colors of Autumn.  There is no finer place to be than New England during the Autumn months.  It is truly a special time. 


All those beautiful colors then take us to the drab winter months, which can be pretty special also with the bareness of the trees and then the beauty of the wintry snowfall that covers everything in white. It is pretty special and with the cold.  


All in all, there are many special moments to capture here in Connecticut.   I hope you enjoy viewing my work, as much as I enjoy capturing it.  It is the inspiration that I see all around me that I capture with the help of the camera.


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Starting Out In Photography




Starting Out In Photography was quite a long time ago:


As far back as I can remember, when I was just a little girl, I remember going into the big city, that is New York City, with my folks.  Having relatives there was a reason we went into the city as much as we did.  I can remember always being curious about the burnout buildings or condemned piers.  I always felt like they had a story to tell.  Even if we were on a car trip and I would see a road with a “Road Closed” sign up, if would drive me crazy not knowing why the road was closed.  What an imagination I had!!


Childhood went on and my sister gave me a camera.  What a thrill it was.  I would take that camera and go out in search of the unusual, such as creek tunnels in parks.  Anything out of the ordinary. 


High school rolled around and I took a photography class.  By this time, most of my photography was capturing my friends.  My eye was always looking somewhere else, but I was capturing the memories of my youth.  I did exceptionally well in my photography class and even had my own dark room at home. 


Life took me on a different road after school, straight into business, where I did very well.  I was able to continue my photography on the side, but it really did not get going until I moved to Connecticut.


Once in Connecticut, I had a new world to explore.  And explore is exactly what I did!  At one point, I was living on a lake and that is where I hooked my camera up to an extremely powerful telescope.  I had always loved nature, but looking thru that telescope lens took me to another world that many do not see.   

I was not just seeing Nature, I was observing it and capturing it up close.  Many people probably would not think much about Ducks and Geese,  but I did and still do.  I could sit there for hours observing their behavior.  Ducks are Daffy, but they are smart, as well. 


Since then, I have continued my photography, mostly in the Nature and Local New England area.   I have much more to share with years of images and stories to go with them.  So stay tune, there is more to follow.




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